Lockheed Martin Corporation

Designed electronics for spacecraft subsystems and science instruments including attitude sensing and control. 

Designed a high-power Solid State Relay for the Solar Power system of the Small Explorer FAST satellite. 



Debug/redesign of a custom high speed modem and flight computer for the Shuttle HitchHiker Program. 



Lead design engineer responsible for design of low-noise front-end analog circuitry for an X-Ray camera array and digital interface circuitry for the MOXE science instrument. 


Lead engineer in testing and debugging of a telemetry processing ground station for the SPARTAN program. 



Attitude Control Engineer on the Hubble Space Telescope and Small Explorer Satellites. 


Design reviewer for a variety of technical projects. 


Investigator on a scientific study of the use of X-Ray Interferometry for Imaging X-Ray Stars.  Technical writer for many proposals including project planning and cost estimating.